Corona virus end date in Australia

In this article, we will know when the Corona virus will end in Australia

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Initially we hope that you are familiar with the strict rules related to long distance, the importance of self-isolation and self-isolation in order to reduce coronavirus spread and “curve flattening”. You may also have heard that COVID-19 is said to be peaking about midway through the year in Australia, and even later if we don’t take the appropriate action against it.

However, there is one question that you may have that has not been answered yet – when will the coronavirus epidemic end?

Given that information about the virus is constantly evolving, there is no specific answer to this question, so it is better to look at the opinions of medical officials and professionals, and divide the answer into three parts.

? How long does the quarry take

On March 25, 2020, Prime Minister Scott Morrison implemented strict insurance measures for Australian families to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

It has also been reported that several states are seeking to close the “third stage”, in an attempt to reduce the impact of the virus on our health care system.

It is still too early to say how long the closing period will be, but staying inside is the most effective thing that we can do to make sure the quarantine process is speeded up (instead of continuing for months and months).

? When will there be a vaccine for COVID-19

Creating a vaccine is not always a quick or smooth process, keeping in mind that time should be devoted to testing. Most estimates expect an effective vaccine for COVID-19 to arrive in 2021, as the Guardian has reported a possible deadline of around 18 months.

? What do I do

By looking at countries like China and South Korea (who are already reporting positive results from strict quarantine measures) and countries like the United States and Italy, which have seen a sharp increase in cases, the above strategy for staying inside is really the best thing we can do At this stage.

The Australian government’s Ministry of Health has issued strict measures to protect others and stop spreading, but at a basic level, this is what you can do:

  • stay inside
  • Leaving home only for essential activities (work, if you cannot work from home, and visiting the supermarket classified as necessary)
  • Exercise at home if possible, and if not, leave home only to exercise once a day
  • Keep at least 2 meters away from others in public places

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