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How to give liquid medication to a cat

How to give liquid meds to a cat is one of my most frequently asked questions. You can also look at my “How to give a cat a pill” …


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  1. My boy absolutely loves me but I swear every time I give him meds. He sounds even more fluidy in his lungs than he did before I gave him meds so I keep wondering if I am squirting them too fast. And it's getting dressed longs. He has asthma and he has been on the verge of pneumonia. And he just hes been on for a week now. And hes not getting better so. I? Started to worry. About how I was doing?

  2. Thanks for explaining that foaming mouth thing! It is worrisome—the drooling, foaming, etc you wonder how much he swallowed. I’m going to try the side approach with whiskers held back. It has taken two of us and we’re on a second round of antibiotics.
    Does anyone mix the med in with the soft treat food?

  3. My cat Ischa is on a small dose of antibiotic that is pink but she is a runner and refused to cooperate for giving her this twice a day. 🙁 need help and it does help what you showed me thanks so much.

  4. I was having such a hard time with my cat, then I found this video and I'm gonna be honest… I scoffed at first cause I thought "just like that, huh?", no way does that work. But I popped her on the table anyway, cat position, sweep whiskers, upper lip and poof! Literally just like that. Thank you so much!! It really was so easy

  5. Im watching this coz i need to give a liquid antibiotic to my cat and this is the first time.. He did that foaming in his mouth and i was in panic.. Hope i can do this and not gonna get a bite ㅠㅠ

  6. Thanks so much for this video! I have an elderly cat (he's 16) and have to give him a lot of meds right now. It's been stressful! so many vids say to wrap him in a blanket, etc. and that just doesn't work for my boy. This method works so much better! quick, less hurt, less guilt (on my part, for the hurt.) I appreciate your explanations and the sound of your voice which helped to calm me down (somehow a super-peppy vet tech chirping at me about wrapping my cat in a blanket to give him meds made me SOOOO VERY NERVOUS! IMO lots of people don't realize the sound of their voice can have an effect that is less than desirable.) calm, cool, and with knowledge works! thanks again!

  7. Thank you for this video. I adopted a senior cat about a month ago and the vet gave me liquid joint medication to give my cat orally once a day to heal the tissue and minimize the pain. I watched your video, did it the first time today and it was a success!

  8. I’m dealing with an anxious angro cat lol. We adore him but we are having a really hard time giving him liquid antibiotics. We will def try it this way but it’s been so hard. He also had 4 teeth pulled so we don’t want to hurt him at all. I just hope he gets better. Love your videos.

  9. I literally just gave our cat some liquid meds and she was drooling and foaming from the mouth, running around the bedroom like a lunatic. Immediately afterwards I did a Youtube search on "cat mouth foaming after medication". I put off watching this video cause it was over 11 minutes long (I suffer from a short attention span). Then I watched it… all of it. Great video. You are gifted with a pleasant energy that makes your videos informative and fun to watch. I'm gonna subscribe to this channel. Might even have to get a Squish That Cat t-shirt.

  10. Hello, we have designed and made a handbag, which is very similar to your pet, almost indistinguishable. May I mail it to you and ask you to make a video for us?
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  11. @Helpful Vancouver Vet This I would like to see on a cat that ferociously fights back. I'm fairly good at medicating cooperative and semi cooperative cats, but I have more than one that learned to fight it, and I have two that simply will NOT allow me to hold them in any way, shape or form. These two instantly become teeth and claws, on all four paws. They are strong and lightening fast! Needless to say I am unsuccessful in administering pills or liquid med on these cats. HELP!!!

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