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  1. Any product recommendations for when the skin around your eyes is super dry and irritated? I get really dry under eyes and I feel like nothing works or it’s too irritating to fix the dry and flaking and then my makeup won’t stick on the really dry parts. I’ve had oily skin my whole life and my skin type recently changed and I’m very overwhelmed with not knowing what to do.

  2. Tinsel…..Ha, ha! Tinsel…..the herpes of all christmas decorations! So funny!

    I have the same issue with gluten, fructose and yeast….I am for them…they are not for me! All I want is to eat soft fluggy white bread toasted with lashings of butter and vegemite (australian here) my digestion seems to think I have eaten rocks…rocks that swell up and dont want to move…the bloating….the puffiness! I couldnt give a toss about cake….I really dont like it….but bread…bread!!!

  3. I am a pro picker. My pro tip, pick up the lances that people use for diabetes/blood checks. They are teeny tiny & sterile. Then I use a colloidal patches, and the spot is much more flat the next day, no visible “holes” etc.

  4. Kackie, re: the keratosis situation: My derm seemed skeptical that it wasn’t just placebo effect, but I feel like my facial KP/eczema flares are massively eased by vitamin D. Like popping a supplement or having a day out in the sun will pretty much erase the bulk of that texture within a day. How does sunshine time play into your skin cycle? I’m so curious if this is just me.

  5. Benzol Peroxide Wash 4-5 % at night or PM routine and the Apadoline under sunscreen. Advil works and the K-Beauty has a tube in foil for topical use. I watch the channel Alice down the Rabbit Hole.

  6. This is what my skin has been like for the past couple of years. LOTS of hormonal acne (that I pick), redness, and dry skin. And the decade before that, it was the same except insanely oily. Thank the universe for makeup!

  7. As an uber-fine-haired girl myself, I wanted to share my recent Virtue Labs discovery. Got their travel-sized "full" set, and my first wash was the most trance-like experience I've had outside a salon.

    The whole alpha keratin thing sounds a little gimmicky, but I found them via a dermatologist (Dr Sam Ellis on YT), and my hair has been on its best behaviour. Might be worth a try?

  8. As a mom of 2 whose kids don't get along, working a high stress job, living near family I don't get along with, with a marriage always on the rocks a full face of makeup is the only thing to get me through the days some days. It's my fake it until I can breathe mask. Thank you for this video.

  9. Two weeks ago I allowed a Sephora aesthetician to talk me into a Perk treatment, and my chin was NOT happy. I had to use a cortisone cream and no make up for several days for it to calm down from a near exema flair, and it has been 40 years or more since that occurred on my face. Also used Lanolips ointment during the day. Just flakey, itchy, mess. I have aging combo skin, not dry, so I was flummoxed. Has anyone else had an experience like that?

  10. Random question… you know when you have a stick product such as cream blush/bronzer or chapstick, there is a point where the top is flat but there is quite a bit of product left? What do you do? Do you dig out the rest or because of ease of use you consider it done? Would love to know because I hate wasting product but feel like I waste so much time trying to finish something in an inconvenient way that it takes away from my other products I want to dig my hands into! Would love a video on this topic if it interests you!

  11. I also like to use those micro dart patches for the deep under the skin. But, oh boy, those can get pricey and when you have multiple on your face…. I've been using the mario badescu buffering lotion at night for those under the skin, painful ones, and it's been awesome! Hope this helps someone who's looking for a more cost-effective option!

  12. I love makeup for conserving spoons! I'm having bad pain days with some chronic issues: making myself look awake and "healthy" helps me keep my issues my business. I enjoy having that control over my appearance to avoid well meaning but exhausting questions.

  13. I needed a video like this from you today. Our family just moved cross country and I LOVE our new house, but change is HARD for me and my anxiety is so bad I feel sick CONSTANTLY. Thank you for coming on and being REAL and not always pretending your life is perfect, it feels nice to be able to watch your videos and feel like a friend is taking their turn unloading stress and saying “it’s okay to not be okay all the time, and it’s okay to do something “silly” to make yourself feel better”

  14. I cannot recommend urea enough as a hero ingredient for unhappy skin. It is a humectant and an occlusive, and in light formulas, will not overwhelm most skin. I don't know many lines that feature it as a top ingredient, but I went from beautiful $50 creams to Gold Bond (it's around $1/oz) and never regret it – the pure moisture and the retinol overnight completely rehabbed my sore and deeply dehydrated skin – and i live on the prairie desert so its always very arid. I reuse my old bougie jars and no one would ever know that it's a face cream from the same brand that sponsored Shaq to talk about jock itch. And its terrible name means it likely won't trend and will be affordable for years to come. But not all GB face & body lotions have urea, so check ingredients. Seriously, transformed my skin in 4 months, from 4-5 layers of high end lotions that are technically suited to my skin to just needing spf and a cream, and very little congestion.

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