I TIRED FUNCTION OF BEAUTY FOR 1 YEAR! IS IT WORTH IT? Function of Beauty Review. Fragrance Free, Dye Free Haircare.


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  1. I have white bleached hair. As it's therefore porous, different conditioners make a huge difference for my hair. I tested many conditioners before (Olaplex as well) and now also function of beauty. I don't get everyone's good reviews. The shampoo is nothing special, especially not for that price and after using the conditioner, I can say that the hair loss is true. This isn't a good product. It's overpriced and overall not that good.

  2. In my opinion no shampoo/conditioner is comparable. I’ve used many brands and this one is the best, and worth the price and I wasn’t paid to say so! My hair feels best using it, and I find that my hair will keep smelling great longer while with other shampoo the smell fades super fast after washing it. I wish it was cheaper…but it’s still worth it in my opinion.

  3. im soooo excited!! next week im gonna get my next set of fob and they renewed my subscription so i have all of my saved fragrances back including naughty or spice, which im gonna try for the first time and i hope its as good as you say!! i also got the body wash and lotion in milkshake 😀

  4. I just saw another review where the gal was using this product and she has a lot of hair loss..so have other customers. She even saved the hair she lost with Function of Beauty and how much she lost after she quit using it just so she could show people..she was bummed cuz she really liked the product so she hopes their scientists fix the problem. So be careful.

  5. Hiiii!! Omg I love this vid. I just have a quick question. So do you recommend the 8 ounce or the larger one? I have been debating on buying FOB but I think u sold me haha. Do you think they’re over priced or well worth it?

  6. If you buy it, does it send another one after like 3 months and take your money randomly? Please I don’t want it to send me another pack and take another
    of my money. And I want to cancel it.

  7. I naturally have dark brown hair however I’m thinking of getting it bleached either a lighter brown or blonde however one of the things holding me back is the toning and keeping on top of that. Any tips of how to know when you need to tone and how to do it the right amount? ❤️❤️

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