Health Is Wealth.. At What Cost?

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  1. Certified nutrition coach here: VEGAN IS NOT HEALTHY.any vegans can often live "healthy" lives, but it is almost ALWAYS worse for you than a fully diversified platter, done in a healthy and controlled way

  2. Vegan is a propaganda by the government and food industry because there is a lot of money there. And oh, it helps the medical industry as people get sick, insulin resistance, diabetes so they can come back again to the hospital to pay the medical fee and medications. Actually, it is detrimental for health long term. So win for them and lose for normal human being like us. Me? I eat mainly meat, eggs and fermented food like kefir, sauerkraut, some veggies and some carbs. Indulge here and there and never felt sick. Please drop off or dont follow the vegan propaganda. For your own body and money

  3. Hey, I will try to keep it short.
    I workout at a small gym, I usually go during the evening because thats the time when the nicer people are there.
    But today I had to go during the afternoon
    At my gym people usually take shorter (max 1 30) rests
    However for me less sets and more rest works better, I was sitting on one of the two small benches taking a 2 30 rest between exercises(the other bench was free) then a random bigger dude starts yelling at me that i shouldnt be on my phone and i should workout (i was watching my workout plan) I wear headphones so i didnt hear all of it at first then he said that im talking to you you piece of shit.
    I just laughed at him which was kind of a brave move from past me
    Am I any sort of wrong here?
    (ty for reading this "short" story lol)

  4. I've lost 70 pounds (trying to lose extra 20) and it's annoying because my body doesn't want to lose anymore fat so I have to either try something new, or get even stricter which has its own consequences

  5. I think it’s just important to “pick your poison(s)”, and a lot of people pull back when I say that. But if you generally make good food choices, workout consistently (weightlifting AND some cardio), and if you’re in school keep doing generally well (whatever that means to you), then you have some room to do some things that aren’t 100% good for you. Drinking, smoking weed, eating fast food, accepting that invitation to go out even when you were planning on going to the gym, these are all things that you can do/indulge in from time to time as long as you can control it and live most of your life in a healthy way

  6. I eat seafood (lot of salmon) and if I didn’t think it was gross I would eat chicken but I don’t think red meat is worth it if you can get the micronutrients elsewhere, I think being “healthy” is just hitting macro and especially micronutrients while keeping calories and bad cholesterol at a reasonable level

  7. Been vegan for 2 years and it’s amazing. I don’t think it’s any more ethical as we kill animals with plant farming but I would rather eat this way bc it makes me happy and feel good 🙂

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