Beauty in Strength

CrossFit can change how a woman both defines beauty and feels about her body, as Rita Benavidez, Jackie Perez, Erin Cianciolo …


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  1. Thank you for showing real women gaining strength and confidence. Whenever I look for inspirational fitness videos for women I mostly find butt and boob shots of women who look like porn stars working out. That is not what inspires me. These women are genuine and strong and doing this for themselves – wonderful video.

  2. This is why I have fallen in love with crossfit. I have never been happy with my body, never felt like I was good enough. Crossfit has made me feel that my body can be accepted finally. I rather be strong and fit, not skinny and unhealthy.

  3. Now these girls are attractive. Its when they get to the point of having testosterone muscles (a lot of what you see with the female cross fit competitions) that it goes from sexy women in sports to a freak show.

  4. Once a friend of mine actually stopped doing all the ab work she used to because a boy told her "you have more of a 6 pack than me" and that to me is just so so sad because it's like you have to shade away from your strength because it isn't socially acceptable and you're letting someone else choose your life for you. Hoping one day she can find the strength she needs.

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