Beauty Brings the Mind to an End

A participant wonders if it’s possible to connect with the consciousness in objects. From the seven day retreat at Mercy Center, …


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  1. Spira is a mystery to me. I could listen (and I did) to his “you are the presence of awareness”-mantra until the cows come home, yet everything becomes effortlessly super-clear with even the slightest experience of beauty:

    It is totally obvious that “art” is not a thing but rather an experience (of being shocked into awe aka silent presence). It is totally obvious that “beauty” is not a feature “out there” but the collapsing into yourself or being.

    I owe a lot of mystical experiences to art. But I particularly like Japanese calligraphy which focusses entirely on this immediacy and intimacy that is usually a mere byproduct in western art.

    A well done Shoudou makes your perception flip from “a calligraphy endowed with beauty” to “beauty (the only reality) that appears just a bit calligraphy-like”.

    Just saying.

  2. I call those objects, "Conscious Objects" or "energetic realities". I strive to create them in my art and music practise. But obviously, the thing is, it's not really for my benefit, because all objects have this subjective, alive quality to them, it just seems to be in varying concentrations. Other people seem to have their own knowingness of who I am in varying degrees as well. I talk to my Buddhas on the intuitive level – they appear to me to be alive, real, human beings, even though from a material perspective, they are "just statues" – I know they are real and they point to my reality. They also tend to nudge me intuitively when something needs to be done on the outer level, haha! My Buddhas say "Do this!" so I do. I am their humble slave! hahaha. Marvellous.

  3. If at the core I am aware, sentient, intelligent, alive. And if its all the one same substance appearing differently, then how could anything else in experience not be varying expressions of that sentience, intelligence, aliveness, awareness?

  4. I remember E. Tolle saying that one day he woke up and everything around him felt beautiful. He would pick up random objects and marvle as if he had just come into existence. Now i understand.. the night before he suffered a terrible egoic episode which hit him so hard that it dismantled his mental structures, he had a mental break down. The next day his mind was unreactive, unresponsive making it possible to experience beauty in one overwhealming way.. he must have suffered long and hard before his mind collapsed.. poor guy.. on the bright sight.. now he's free of suffering hey:) and he's helping other people learn how suffering comes about.. awesome man, just like Rupert..

  5. Many years ago I was a heavy equipment operator, one day I climbed down from an earthmover as my feet hit the ground! I realized everything was God!!! The machine, the soil, the stones, The vegetation, EVERYTHING… I could not tell you how long this knowing lasted minutes or hours??

    This experience, along with my sister dying some years later, Has invited me to pursue the Truth. Everyday I try to understand what this is all about..

  6. One can only experience beauty when the mental guard is off. When something that we see doesnt trigger any deffence systems, mental and emotional, we experience a relaxation and a feeling of complete acceptance and we say it's beautiful no matter what it is and how it looks like. That is how the same objects can be at one time beautiful and at other times not. Experience of beauty is about an inner state of mind more than about the object that we percieve beautiful. So when you talk to ppl and they openly show their exhillaration you know their mental state is open and accepting and they are just a great company

  7. I'm very sceptical, but… I had this kind of experience with a cow, I was just standing there looking at this cow, he/she was staring at me, a pure disintegration happened of my heirarchy in which it allowed me to become one with the cow, like he was my brother, pure love. Not in a weird way, like a oneness with nature, we are all equal. But that feeling ended quickly. I often feel like idealists are looking for glitches in the mind, they seek out mind bending qualities that the brain can and does allow.
    We must not confuse these glitches with truth.

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