Walk In Beauty

Navajo Historian Wally Brown teaches a little about harmony in life.


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  1. My humble gratitude to God, the Creator, and yourself, my brother in truth. Yahweh (God) has sent me here to you for part of my training. Churches have strayed so He has me to you for training. I am a spiritual warrior, humble in my heart. You are an Elder, in the eyes of Yahweh, and you have truths that He wants me to know. I am grateful for all things, both the good and the bad. For all things work together for the good to all that love The Creator.
    Thank you, brother, for standing strong in faith. I see you.
    It is 5:29 a.m. (pst) as I write this. I go now to greet the dawn in faith, prayer and gratitude to Yahweh.
    Blessings to you and your people, Dine.

  2. My grandmother's Czech family had a number of similar teachings/rules they passed down: 1) All is family, treat each other well, this includes animals, plants, objects, the unseen. 2) Never let your fear drive the cart/car. Your job is to figure how to work with it, put it aside, get to the next phase. 3) No one is locked down, all challenges are hurdles. Not all hurdles are meant to be jumped over. Walk around, dig under it, do what it takes to figure it out and move on. There is more than one right answer, pick the one which fits best and for the longest benefit, beyond your own (if possible). 4) Live a life worth loving, reflecting back on, one the future generations will grow on and be inspired by. A simple life can be the most powerful, so do not think it means being 'famous.' A life worth living is not about fame, money, possessions. All you own is you. It is good to hear similar wisdom. It is good to know the teachers who aided my ancestors made it around to all humans. It reinforces the first rule: all is family. Thank you for sharing what you can. It helps me feel a bit more sane for adhering to those family teachings.

  3. I was contemplating the joy, happiness , confidence and peace when I realized that love was not mentioned. Is there a reason why it is not?
    I’ve always believed that joy and peace are part of love, as are mercy and kindness.
    So, how do we reckon love with those , or is it the foundation?

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