Japanese beauty standards for girls


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  1. In my univ, there's an Ukrainian girl who is really adapted to Japanese style and she is genuinely skinny and white and has the clear face so she looks perfect to me as a Japanese

  2. So how would Japanese people react to a foreigner with red hair? Speaking from experience as someone that was the only red headed little kid in my class among kids that had black and brunette hair, I'm going to guess people would loose their sh*t.

  3. Funny how so many western people here are butthurt over someone else's cultural preferences. Don't like it? Then don't go to Japan. Funny how the western woke mob is all about accepting other's cultures until it's inconvenient for their rhetoric.


    An AAPI that you all see as a minority until it's time for me to reap the same benefits as you get and I'm no longer a minority and I'm adjacent privilege. Wyt Power hard at work………

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