Function of Beauty – Serum and Hair Mask *HONEST REVIEW*

Hey guys. YOU KNOW I love Function of Beauty if you’ve seen my other review videos. This stuff is amazing. When I found out that …


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  1. I just found your channel and I love it!! Two questions: have you tried the cherry blossom scent?

    And how would you describe the peach and milkshake scent and which one would you recommend? I have the pear scent currently and it smells like green apple candy, so I’m looking for a new scent to try!

  2. Hey! So I recently bought the leave in, serum, the mask (all three online) and the shampoo and conditioner from Target. So my question is what should my routine be? I know shampoo and conditioner first but what about the other three?

  3. I love your function of beauty reviews! I will definitely be trying this this brand once I finish up what I am currently using. I will try the target version first just to get a general feel for the company. When you subscribe to function of beauty online, do your hair goals and preferences stay the same for each order or can you change it up? Do we also always receive the same products or can we pick and choose what we need for that order? Sorry, not sure if that makes sense. I appreciate your help!

  4. Your hair is beautiful!!! I have naturally curly hair and started straightening it like 2 years ago & loved the way it looked so I started doing it daily, it used to be naturally quite long & pretty but the heat damaged it so much so now it’s short when I leave it natural & it makes me insecure so I feel like I need to straighten it for the length. (I regret ever starting to straighten my hair so much but now I ruined it so much that I feel like I can’t leave it naturally) Do you have any heat damaged hair recommendations & how to cause less heat damage each time I flat iron it.

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