Brooke Shields’s Guide to Skin Care in Your 50s and Less-Is-More Makeup | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

56-year-old model-turned-actress Brooke Shields shares her everyday routine and reflects on how her beauty philosophy has …


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  1. Ms Brooke Shields, you are the most beautiful woman of all time. I have never been able to find anyone as beautiful as you. If I do, I will never stop loving her and sing to her everyday, with my voice sounding like Rick Astley singing, "Never Gonna Give You Up".

  2. how so sad, this video is nothing but an ADVERTISEMENT. Did you see all those affiliate links? I do not believe she uses ALL those products she is showing in this video. It is more like advertising as many of them as she can. Makes me wonder what is going on here and whether she is being genuine here. Probably not.

  3. Beautiful, as always. I am surprised that she didn't try to cover/lighten up the dark areas in the inner corners of her eyes. They're pretty dark without makeup, yet she manages to blend that with the overall look after applying her makeup.

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