Beauty Is A Scam | Mia Mulder

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  1. Whenever i have told trans women (who have asked) to smile, it's not because I think women should smile, but because a smile can really affect the face shape, and it's a lot simpler than saying 'deploy your facial muscles in a way that makes your chin pointy and your cheeks lift"

  2. Makeup gives me some sensory issues, so I stopped wearing it. I cut my hair somewhat short and I gave up on shaving my legs. I'm overweight. I consistently get told I'm pretty or look nice or have amazing skin. My "skincare routine" is probably the most frequent question I get from other women. It kind of boggles my mind, honestly, because I can't really give them one apart from avoiding sunlight and makeup.

  3. Someone I knew, I think (and not someone I just read), who had worked in the porn industry once told me, "beauty is 80% makeup and 20% attitude." After working in the (retail clerk) end of the porn industry myself, I realized how true that is. it's all just glamour, and beauty, as Salvador Dali once wrote, is unknown b/c "it is too simple and too obvious." That's all I have to add, that was another stellar video from you, my current favorite youtuber. You are, in my eyes, "beautiful", even fiiiiiiiiiine 😀 , and super stylish, and most of all utterly brilliant. I love your history videos too. Glad I found you here.

  4. The tobacco industry was largely responsible for thin women being considered beautiful in the interbellum period. Nicotine is a stimulant, so they pushed modeling agencies to promote being unhealthily underweight in order to market cigarettes as a weight loss aid.

  5. I appreciate your insights on your experiences- I too remember Andreja Pejić and how GORGEOUS I thought she was when she first hit the subway station ads allll over NYC: I loved seeing her up there! I think an angle that is often missed is not just what is beauty, but who determines who is beautiful- and why. An example is that is that for a looooong time time, people of colour were not seen or considered as beautiful (unless some members of a group were deemed "exotic" or "intoxicating"): did that automatically make them *ugly*? Of course not- I only point this out because to simply accept the binary of beautiful/ugly without getting at how those classifications are arrived at & by whose standards I think slides into dangerous territories.

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