Why I FAILED My Japanese Health Exam

Every year in Japan you take a health exam called a Kenkou Shindan. This year, it didn’t go so well. BEHIND the scenes …


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  1. Like you I recently received a bad physical report, including all of the items highlighted in this video. It is really a wake up call, and I also feel embarrassment at letting things get to this point. Taking inspiration from this video and your past weight loss series to begin my own fitness journey. Cheers.

  2. Chris, I’ve been watching your videos for years now and I’ve always appreciated how honest you are with your fans. I wish you luck in your endeavor! You have always had a strong sense of motivation so I think you can do it! Also the “round” fan art of you has always been strange to me…don’t think you’ve ever been much overweight at all!

  3. The first step is admitting that theres a problem. Trying to mate mental loopholes and excuses will get you absolutely no where. A proper diet and workoutplan as well as consistency should be on the forefront. Good luck man.

  4. good luck and remember tiny improvements are still improvements
    I often hear people say"oh im already doing [blank](eating fried chicken) I might as well do [blank] (drink soda too, have some bacon) "
    you dont need to be perfect all the time just make small substitutions

  5. I really appreciate the emphasis he puts on the fact that physical appearance doesn't mean as much as internal health. I know people who look way larger than me who are amazing at gymnastics and could outpace me any time in a race. If your internal stuff is fine, who cares what you look like? Thinness isn't always an indicator of general health. I know people with terrible terrible diets who have managed to stay stick thin.

  6. What's up with the Health Exams ?

    I'm overweight.
    But everything else is always great according to the doctors. Oh got kidney stones… Two bad things.
    Oh doctor said I need to just exercise more. Cardio to lean up.

  7. Hey Chris, love the channel, been a viewer for a long time.

    I will say, there’s a subset of fatty liver known as NAFLD, or Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. I too don’t drink alcohol (at all, in my case), but poor eating and lack of exercise can leave fatty deposits in the liver. I just found through a gastro CT that I’m starting to show minor signs of it too.

    The good news is that NAFLD is much less aggressive, and in most cases, reversible early on. You’re already doing great on your new goal, just keep that going and your liver will do the work it’s supposed to do and recover. That said, neglect will let it NAFLD fester into more advanced stages, where the liver scars permanently and causes really bad things. Take care of yourself!

  8. I personally don't care about my health. I have one life, I am not going to waste it spending my days in a gym and eating only healthy food. I am going to eat and drink everything, I don't care if I end up weighing 400 pounds.

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