When the Health Department Shows Up

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  1. The most stupid things was the part were thwy have to hide their water cups.

    In my state we kept out watter bottles with us. Then, a new law passed wrebwe had to keep our water bottles outside of the kitchen, so we had them all on a tiny table it was so humiliating and dehumanizing.

    Like, really l can't keep my water bottle with me,but leave it outside. WTF, I'm? An animal? A slave?

    Then, I worked in another restaurant werebwe couldnt even drink water while cookingn. Nor were we allowed to keep the water "outside" we all gad to drink in our non existent breaks or drink in secrecy.

    Another reason why I left the restaurant businesses. Youbare treated like the "help" (slave).

    I was like, ARE YOU F*CKING SERIOUS! When, i was told thay we fould not keep water with us.

  2. It's always a pain when health inspector come. Especially when it's the middle of a rush and you're afraid you're not cutting the veggies right or if the gloves are changed frequently enough. Or if the fridge drawers at the line are cold enough even though they're being opened nearly every time a ticket comes in

  3. Worked at 24h subway for a short bit. Had health inspector come in because somebody reported cleaned sauce bottles on the floor in the prep area. Thankfully he came after I started my shift I was called in to cover since I did a walkthrough checking floors, cleaning my prep area, and getting everything ready for my shift. Reason I did this was because on graveyard I worked solo and customers would poke their head into the back room to ask for subs. I made it into a habit after a few years to keep it clean and clutter free. So inspector pops in and starts asking about things, I showed him the offending bottle, explained that it was indeed on the floor, showed him where it was, and explained how it happened. Poor newbie shift manager was deer in headlights freaking out, assistant manager was just letting things happen. Inspector drops a white rag on the spot, walks to the doorway and chuckles. Said no way a customer was able to see that and had to be an employee trying to stir up trouble. Told him if he wanted to verify what I told him we can show him the security footage. He declined, said the place looked damn clean for an unannounced visit and trusts us. Him and the assistant manager went into the office to talk. She had a big fat grin on her face, I got a free sub of anything I wanted on it later. Btw 5 time meat feast sub is massive. Had sandwich meat for a week at home.

  4. Im in pest control and thing i see in restaurant kitchen could het health department shut down on the spot once they read my work order history. There some places i will never eat

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