What yoga does to your body and brain – Krishna Sudhir

Explore the ancient tradition of yoga, and discover how its blend of physical and mental exercise impacts your health. — There are …


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  1. My therapist recommended yoga for my anxiety disorder. It has relieved me so much, several times it has instantly relieved and saved me, also regualarly practicing yoga had preventive effect on anxiety. Now it is part of my daily routine, and it goes really well with my regular physical excercise and mindfulness practice.
    For mental health problems, yoga is definitely worth a try.

  2. I'm going into my exam year (university entrance exam) in a couple of months and I'm considering yoga. From what I heard, it reduces stress and that would be very helpful for me

  3. I'm just getting back into yoga after something went wrong in 2/2020 and I hurt my back. I used to have severe panic attacks and years ago, after doing yoga daily for a while…they totally stopped happening. I also gained a lot of muscle and carried myself differently.

  4. I introduced myself to yoga when I was 16 years old. I have been doing yoga on and off since that time I am now 60 ..
    And yes I am definitely reaping the benefits more and more as I get older..
    It should be part of the school curriculum.. as should ancient wisdom..

  5. What is taught in Yoga classes is HATHA (pronounced HUT-HA and not Haatha) YOGA and has NOTHING to do with the teachings of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (pronounced Sooth-ras) Yes, there is mention of Asana (Aa-sa-na and not A-saa-na as Denise Austen used to pronounce it) in the Yoga Sutras but it refers to a COMFORTABLE SITTING POSE prior to meditation. And as to the psychological benefits, Mindfulness practice is proven in this regard. The Yoga Sutras teach gentle concentration followed by DHYANA (Dhyaana) from which the word ZEN was derived. The ultimate goal is SAMADHI (Sa-maa-dhi) which is a joyful state achieved when the turbulence of the mind subsides.

  6. I can honestly say yoga made me a better husband and dad towards my wife and kids. I'm not as prone to anger, and my anxiety is much more controllable then it used too. It has healed a lot of my aches and pains, and much more. It really does help.

  7. Some info is wrong, Patanjali lived way before 100BC . Yoga is much more broader concept then just postures and physical exercise. It is a School of Philosophy which is under orthodox faction of Indian philosopy.

  8. My girlfriend introduced me to Yoga, I play football every weekend and my body will hurt through the whole week it wasn't fun but after two sessions of yoga during the week man my body feels great the recovery feels faster and I play better because my body stretches more, I'll keep doing yoga and lets see where it takes me

  9. I am glad there are video's supporting yoga however there is much misinformation here – Bihar and Kaivlyadhama have been collecting data and working with international schools and doctors in the USA, Germany, Japan etc. for DECADES (since 1924 actually) testing and tabulating yoga statistics for serious diseases reaching many many scientific conclusions about yoga's impact. Just reasearch books from Bihar on specific diseases or from Kaivalyadhama (the first government supported institute in India to make the connection between Yoga and Science starting in 1924 – also Indra Ghandi's Swami's school). These parts of the video are infuriating as I am VERY aware Ted Talks is funded by Pharmaceutical Business.

  10. Meditation comes from India. The Gita (Scripture) tells you how to meditate.

    The Gita says: Thus, by always practicing to keep the mind fixed on Me, the yogi whose mind is subdued attains peace of Nirvana and comes to Me. (6.15).

    The Bible also says: You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you.

    Meditation is a synonym for trance, daydream, and dream. In the Bible, God and spirits come to people in dreams and trances.

    The Gita also says: A person is said to have achieved yoga, the union with the Spirit, when the perfectly disciplined mind becomes free from all desires, and gets completely united with the Spirit in trance. (6.18)

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