What would happen if you didn’t drink water? – Mia Nacamulli

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  1. As a nephrologist, I hardly disagree! You don't need to drink a certain amount of water to avoid dehydration. The path is reversed. You will feel thirsty and try to drink the amount of water you are losing. That's all. There is no serious scientific evidence that indicates the need to preemptively drink the water you are going to lose. This is ridiculous! On the other hand, if you drink more than necessary, don't worry – your kidneys will eliminate the excess. I dare anyone to prove me wrong. On PubMed, the world's largest source of scientific information, there is NOTHING about this belief. This is not science! It is fake "science". Stop this misinformation.

  2. To all those who fast as I do: You'll understand the replenishment and chill of the throat when you drink water after 12-13 hours of not eating and drinking anything. Ahh, that feeeling! It's really great!

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