Tinder Is Brutally Annihilating Men’s Mental Health

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  1. He's right women would rather share the top guys rather than date someone on their level, look at the blk community, most women in that community have kids by the very small circle of the same dudes, leaving most blk men with no kids but most blk women have kids that means most blk women are sleeping with the same dudes.

  2. As a woman, no. Youre wrong. A 9 guy is not better than a normal decent guy. You're right if the woman is young and has low self awareness. A decent video tho. All peoples are being exploited and beaten down by our systems. There are no barbarians coming to get you. And ive lived through a war.

  3. Made some good points I’m just waking up from sleeping maybe I missed it but one point is the statistically HIGHER amount of men on these sites also the occasional spam. Women probably get overwhelmed with messages thus they can pick the higher end guys… some of the best quality sex I have had is with women I met in real life through friends… problem is I don’t have many friends and the female friends I have down here it’s all mommy’s who are married.. the only thing I got going for me is an FWB who I have mediocre at best sex with… better then nothing. I’m also a chubby chaser (NOT supersize girls)… it’s what I’m attracted to and believe me it’s not any easier. Only thing I got going for me is I’m almost 40 and IF she is a single mom the kids are becoming adults very soon in most cases. Online dating is like playing the lottery for your full time job… if. You do win is not going to be the jackpot.

  4. To go along with the point he makes towards the end of the video. As a history teacher and major, I can tell you that Without Exception all historically polyamorous, polygamous, and actively sexually deviant/degenerative societies (whether they were previously prospering empires in a state of decadent decline or not) in which a plurality of their young men were without companionship were always conquered by more comparatively primitive and more traditional younger competing empires of energetic Barbarians with strictly enforced sexual and marital norms. One in which marriages were typically arranged by authorities (be they parents or the leadership) and limited to one man and one woman. With the women and her family rarely getting much say in who their selection of potential partners were.

  5. what women do is, (this is reliable reserach) sleep with top tier men to get good genes in their baby…then look for a nice guy to father the baby if they cant make biological father stay (which they usually cant, cos the top tier men wont stay)

  6. 5:50 them women prolly had great fkng sex, lots of kissing, and loved every horny fulfilling minute of it, even got to cuddle after, share some stories, share a laugh, stay the night, and hava coffee in the morning, ….Even if these women might not feel good long term (i think that notion is exaggerated to be honest..women dont have as much shame being slutty these days than long time ago),

    and i dont think you can compare that "apparent feeling like a slut after sleeping with lot of high tier men" with a guy's issue of having zero connection whatsoever with the opposite sex…just devoid of contact, its like skin hunger to the extreme …..even just a mere double take LOOK on this type of guy by an atractive woman on the street (even if its a fake look of interest, lets say)..will make his week !!, and likely remember for a long long time..yep, just a look, and the sad thing for them is, they dont even get that validation

  7. Potential solution :
    to minimize superficialness of dating apps, it should be made compulsory for everyone to view AT LEAST a 15 sec video clip of a prospect before being able to swipe em left/right and move ontuda next time..

  8. If you think about it though in the next 50 years if we have all these brain chips and robots meaning that we don't have to do physical activities like lifting etc, what will happen. The people at the top will just be those who look good because everyone has everything else that is currently important

  9. Jerry's profile isn't visible to women
    Jerry pays to boost his profile's visibility to women
    Toms profile isn't visible to women
    Jerry is the reason Tom's profile isn't visible to women.

    You guys ever noticed you get like 10 likes in your first hour on tinder and then you never get another like again?
    It's because tinder is deliberately restricting your profile in order to squeeze money out of your desperation.
    How a business can financially survive when it treats the main source of it's revenue like trash is beyond me.

  10. For me I've matched loads of girls but the chats doesn't go anywhere, it's like I have to dumb myself down and play the whole "take long to reply" approach to get her to be interested. I've been unmatched alot too. What's the reason?

  11. If you're a male who has used his attractiveness to have one-night-stands with multiple women, you're part of the problem. When you do that to women, you're poisoning them. It's comparable to winding up a bomb and throwing it into a crowd of people. Eventually that girl you fucked and ghosted is going to have a meltdown from all the mental and emotional turmoil. You're making it harder for other men in the dating scene.

  12. Stay away from dating apps fellas. I know a few guys who are exceptionally handsome, successful and hard working and are getting turned down by girls left and right on these apps. It’s creating a skewed dating pool and turning every single woman into a prize.
    Go to nice bars, parks, librarys, fitness classes, say hi and be friendly and confident ❤

  13. Very well explained. Though after seeing how this all works going mgtow seems like the only sane choice. Let's be real, guys who have what it takes to be top 20% don't need to buy coaching from YouTubers.

  14. i'm 5'4'', losing my hair, crooked and fucked up teeth, weak to no jawline, tourette's so i can't drive so don't own a nice car, what would I gain by taking care of myself? it's not like I would attract women anyway, i'm almost 30, never have even when I WAS taking care of myself and tried a lot.

  15. I got 100s of likes by guys and I decided to go gay, literally there at doctors, blonde ones, who want to go out with me, fuck women, heterosexual will be the minority in 10y who cares, guys go gay the best thing u can do for your mental health!

  16. Little do ppl know that the owner of POF owns tinder, POF, MeetMe and scout. I can tell yall all those apps are poorly designed and thy run like shyt. Not to mention just about everyone on thete are bottom of the barrel quality…I perfer the old school way of just going out in public and talking to them face to face.

  17. My journey on tinder :
    12:00 am installed
    12:30 am paid for the gold membership
    2:00 am upgraded to platinum membership
    Got some few fake matches
    24 hrs later deleted tinder

    It was fucking my mental health and anxiety level also my screen time jumped from 3 hrs to 10 hrs.
    Probably the worst day
    I completely agree with this guy although it costed me few bucks but i m out of this trap

  18. For me, it’s kind of relieving to come to the realization that intimacy just isn’t going to happen. I’m 40 and I’ve been an incel my whole life, just not the angry/ woman hating kind. To know the reality of the situation I can just come to peace with it. I still work on myself but I’m just going to hire escorts when I need intimacy. Tired of waiting

  19. Chad here. I've seen tremendous success on Tinder. However, even if these girls end up with a high value man like me, their ego is so massively inflated that I could never wife them up. These women act so entitled even though they are with me. I think there has only been one occasion where the woman was totally obsessed and submissive to me, but that's because she was 18 and I was 29. I had a great career and a nice physique so to her, I was an ultimate prize. That and well, at 18 you haven't really tested the waters and seen what kind of attention you can get.

  20. An easy way to increase one's attractiveness is simply to learn how to communicate :-))) As a woman, I am open for conversation on dating apps. A man hits a like, starts a conversation but then after several phrases and my replies the conversation stops. He does not make any more moves eventhough I'm encouraging him by my replies. And this same man stays on the app for 2 years now looking for a wife so I guess this is his strategy with all women and that is why he is unsuccessful. He should simply learn how to communicate and be more proactive and he will get a lot of dates because he is a good guy with a good job. I've met hundreds of men like that who are too passive in communication. It seems that they are waiting for a woman to get their phone, to call them and invite them for a date. I don't feel like doing that, it looks like a humiliation for me.

  21. As a woman, I don't respond to likes from really smart guys that I'm attracted to because I believe I don't stand up to their expectations… I think I'm not good enough… If I didn't have extra weight and had nice clothes I guees I would be more self-confident, at least, I could venture into talking and meeting these nice guys.

  22. 4:15 Brotha, you have defined hypergamy. Women have always punched above their weight class but now it's worse than ever because social media gives them unearned attention and validation.

    Modern feminism and hookup culture definitely has ruined things. 80-90% of women are going for the same 1-5% of men. Before, everyone had a shot tbh. Regardless of looks and ambition, men had steady dates and meaningful relationships.

    But I digress.. The thing the modern women doesn't get is that, just cause you get to fool around with a 10, it doesn't mean he will wife you up. All this talk about empowerment yet people are more unhappy than ever. Its madness, man…

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