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  1. the reviews here is so bad but i do think its not that bad. Emily did a great job giving life to the character even tho the charavter she is playing is so dull and lifeless. it was also hard for me to understand what is happening and i watched it with no subtitles so even way worser but the movie does exude a kind of vibe that is different and unique. odd and strange movie but somehow this really happens in reality. its disturbing but who knows maybethe narration and creation of the movie meant more than what we could think and realize of. they say do not waste your time in this movie but i say that if you are such movie lover and is an explorer slash open minded ans curious about the world, go watch it. the actress is really stunning and talented too

  2. Mika ( the composer from "Jackie") would have been a phenomenal addition to the score!! It would have added that much more intensity! The film is ambiguous but it's not bad. Emily is a great actress. All the screen players did good.

  3. This is a horrible movie especially for such a young actress at the time (yes, I know she was an adult when she made the film), that looks like a 13 yr old. Was this made for the elite like epstein? These independent movies are always borderline pedophilia.

  4. I watched this with low expectations and ended up really enjoying it. Is it fun and feel-good? No. And there are no explosions or jokes. The plot won't be explained to you throughout. But if you're ok with that, I actually recommend giving it a chance.

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