Periods HAVE to be Painful?! #myths #periods #health

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  1. Thank you for the content you’ve put out about this in the past. Pre-pregnancy my periods were uncomfortable but manageable with ibuprofen. After baby was born they got progressively worse. If I hadn’t seen your content I probably would have just lived with it, but I took your advice and went to my dr. It took some trial and error to find the right thing for me, but I’m doing much better now. Thank you!

  2. Some also have back cramps instead of stomach cramps. I have never had stomach cramps, just sensitive digestion and bad back pain. And yeah, mine was why they eventually got me on an IUD. It wasn't all the time but a few times out of the yeah I was on bed rest because of mine/it so that's usually, if you've got good doctors, when doctors are like "yeah, that's not good, let's look at options."

  3. I knew i developed fibroids because i went from 5 day periods with 2 days of cramps and mild flow to what looked like the antichrist coming out of me iswtg luckily when you tell them to test for those, it's an ultrasound and that's easy enough. Still deciding if keeping my uterus for another 20 years is the right choice…

  4. Just described every period I ever had. The first thing I dis in college was go to the doctor about my painful periods. “Take 8 ibuprofen to start and then 2 every 4 hours.” Omgeee!!! The relief! Don’t get me wrong-they were still painful but I could function.

  5. I just wanted to say that I appreciate you, MDJ! There can be such hateful, mean, and crazy stuff on social media, but you are so kind and caring. I appreciate that and I am thankful you share your knowledge with a bunch of people! I have learned so much over the years watching your YouTube. You’ve given me the courage to be an advocate for myself medically and I appreciate that ❤❤!! I hope you have a wonderful day, MDJ!!

  6. Mine can get so bad tend to fall to the ground and eventually vomit
    All this has done to me is make me good at keeping track of when i start so i know when to take pain meds so pain and vomiting doesn't happen

  7. My mom said being I so much pain you couldn't walk was, "Just part of it." Then would proceed to make us walk to "help it stop." That loosing so much blood you were anemic, snd going through 3 or 4 overnighter pads a day was normal.

    I went to the doctor in March because I had a light period, and no cramps. My thyroid was misbehaving.

  8. Back in the 60’s when I started my period at 13, I immediately experienced horrific pain. I missed at least one day a month from school for 5 years. My mother took me to doctors who said things like, “It’s you body’s way of preparing you for childbirth”, or “They won’t feel so bad after you have a baby”. I suffered for so long (after having 2 premature babies my periods were still terribly painful) and finally when I was 45 when doctor finally agreed to a hysterectomy. It was like being reborn!!!

  9. When I first started, I was pretty lucky and felt almost nothing and they were very light, maybe a day or two, but very sporadic. Sometimes it would be 3 weeks then 2 months, etc.
    After a couple of years, I started getting some pain between cycles, that ranged from slight twinges to needing to jold my breath until it went.
    Now I'm starting to get some, lucky mild, cramping during my period.
    Im glad my body decided to start me off easy, but I'm kinda dreading where it's going to end up.

  10. I always had severe pain the first day or two. Ibuprofen is why I can function on those days. If I don’t have ibuprofen I’m in fetal position until the cramps subside. I can equate my cramps to when I was in labour at 5cm. It sucks especially when I was a teen and adults thought I was lying to get out of school.

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