OINP Health Draw | How to submit the application to Ontario?

OINP Draw link https://www.ontario.ca/page/2023-ontario-immigrant-nominee-program-updates OINP Human Capital Priorities …


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  1. Hi.. I have a doubt if anyone can clear it, it will be really helpful. Got NOI. from Ontario on 9 March and submitted my application on 17 March. Now my EE profile expired which I informed to OINP and they sent the letter again on my new EE profile. My question is do I need to withdraw my file and submit my application for nomination again or my previous file will do. Thanks in advance

  2. Hello sir,
    I got nomination interest from Ontario yesterday, but when I saw my EE profile it was showing as update not submitted.. I reviewed and didn't update the proof of funds section, hence my profile got listed as ineligible.
    Please guide me what can be done now?

  3. Hello , is medical laboratory Assistant NOC 33101 regulated in Canada ? Must I only study medical laboratory science before I can apply for PR in this noc in PNP or EXPRESS ENTRY , cause I studied biochemistry and worked as a medical laboratory assistant, but some people are saying i must study medical laboratory science and have a license before I can use medical laboratory assistant

  4. Hello kubier sir
    Any idea about priority occupation draw
    Ontario conducted priority draw in year 2022
    However they havent conducted itthis year my noc code is 10022 advertising manager
    Will they conduct prioirity draw any time soon?

  5. Hello Sir, I'm currently in India and have applied for Express Entry and waiting in the pool for more than a year. The companies are providing job offers too since I am not a PR or don't have a work permit. Any suggestions on my case Sir?

    I have completed Bachelor's and have around 4 years of experience in Data Science.

  6. Please, if I can’t get letter of recommendation from my past employer (internship)

    But I have letter of employment detailing my job description and salary and also have letter confirming that you finished the internship addressed to the PCN body can that suffice as letter of recommendation addressed to OINP?

  7. I have got an NOI. My official monthly salary is very law ,approximately 50$ (which I can proof by my bank statement), but with benefits, I make approximately 1000-1500$ for a month. Will it be a problem ,if I mention this information in my application? Thanks in advance

  8. Thank you for your valuable advice sir. i am proceeding with the OINP application and i have one doubt . I am still waiting for my employment letter from my current employer who i am showing as work experience for past 6 months and proof of funds. i have my job offer letter with company's name and my payslips up to date . can i submit my application without the letter ?
    i am planning to provide them with my letter as soon as i get it and i am writing the whole reason in my letter of explanantion. Kindly advise . Thank you @askkubeir.

  9. Hi sir, im a pharmacist and i have been working as a retail pharmacist in a medical shop. But they paid me in cash bcz its not too much salary. I can get the reference letter but no payslip. Is there any alternative for this?

  10. Hi Kubeir sir..I have received oinp nomination email today on my current express entry profile. But my current profile about to expire March 15 2023. Any advise from you how I need to proceed with next steps on proceed with to apply for oinp ? Appreciate any help on this regard

  11. Hello sir I would really appreciate your reply. I work as a food service assistant or you can say in the kitchen of a long term care. What is my NOC code not many people could answer that that's why I expect answer from you

  12. Got NOI but realized that I forgot to add one of my job experiences to the express entry. 2 questions: 1- should I mention the missed job experience when filling out my OINP portal? 2- should I update my EE profile at this point?

  13. Hi Kuber Sir, Need one help, I have received Interest for Tech Draw from OINP, However, my current job offer letter is showing the location as Burnaby, BC.. However, My company has an office in Ontario and if I get a PR, I am willing to stay in Ontario as once I get a PR, my LMIA exempt Work Permit will not stop me from working at a specific location and My company would also not have any problem shifting me to Ontario , however currently due to LMIA exempt WP, Company cannot provide an offer letter for Ontario province, but they are ok to provide an offer letter for my current work location which is Burnaby, BC. – can I use this oppty to apply for OINP , and get 600 Points to then get my PR ? and once I get my PR, I can move to Ontario in a certain period of time? or is it mandatory to be in Ontario for applying in OINP ? please help sir thanks a lot for relieving our Stress through your "FOREVER HOPEFUL" videos 🙂 , Also as per their Human Capitol workstream page, https://www.ontario.ca/page/ontarios-express-entry-human-capital-priorities-stream#section-2 – there is no mention of providing an offer letter to apply for this stream, So I think I should be ok, but need your assistance to validate the same ? Also how do I prove my intent to stay in Ontario?

  14. Hi Sir, today I receive nomination under tech draw. In my EE profile I mentioned that I have a valid job offer and currently I am working in BC, my questions:
    1. Which option I need to select CEC or federal skilled worker, I am working in same stream from last 10 years.
    2. Do I need to attach JOB Offer letter from my employer in this application (working in BC as software developer)?

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