Noita’s Health Trick Explained

Noita’s Heart Mage Trick is one of Noita’s greatest tricks! Enjoy!! Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/DunkOrSlam Twitter: …


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  1. OMG! Give him your tele wand! So obvious!!!! Holy hell. I've spent literal days of my life trying to lure these idiots, over the course of various runs…. Last time I made a homebringer wand to pull one out from the Lukki Lair since the Jungle had none, even that took maybe 15min all told. Worth it cuz I'd collected five hearts in one place, but the stress levels were thru the roof.

  2. So I found one of these guys and gave him a rapid teleport want to move him around….. and uhh apparently he still shoots like normal while holding a wand? or did I mess up? I got Noita'd :'(

  3. Great video. It's also possible to move hearts to the heart mage. Hearts will naturally fall if you dig under them. This means you can drop down an entire column of health refreshes for example to the level where the heart mage is at. So like for example if you find a heart mage in a parallel world, you can use blackholes to drop all the health refreshes down to that level. Even though the health refreshes are individually less strong, because they are all vertically in the same location they are actually just as valuable if not more valuable (if you have remaining ones above you). Another way to move hearts is by using vacuum field or circle of buoyancy. Each holy mountain contains a worm crystal, which you can redeem for more extra health pickups. Then you can drop those health pickups down to where your heart mages are at. And I do mean plural because if you go far enough with this you'll need multiple. Above about 10 thousand health you need two heart mages; above about 10 million you need three, etc.

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