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  1. People go on their own to avoid stress working under someone n move out of rat race. But here y we’re under stress while working solo I don’t get it . Why anxiety when u are tying to do what u love n passionate about . It happens when u try to fake the person u are inside n pretend to be is one else . All u wanted is fame n attention from less creative work but that does it happen. It’s not too late u seems average looking so find a nice husband n embrace motherhood . U will have a new goal now

  2. Today mental health problems are romaticised ..

    Peiole have mental health issues due to several reasons .. and most of it is self inflicted .

    Staying awake beyond 10 pm .. waking up late after 6.30 am … addictions alcohol and drugs …
    Too much social media ..
    Too many devices and away from nature altogether ..
    Eating wrong . Vegan diets .. no milk ghee butter … very less unctous foods …
    Too much salads raw juicing .. running and gyming powder protejns …
    Finally thinking only about oneself .. narcissism basicaly .. so if uou want to not have menral health issues think hard and change yourself your lifestyle your diet …. but most of all think about others … and to understand real trauma go to people in a warzone … the world has become too namby pamby

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