Mental Health Affects Everyone – Including Premier League Footballers

84% of men say they find it difficult to talk about their mental health – yet mental health problems can affect anyone. Including …


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  1. Olá pessoal sou atleta do Santa Cruz Sergipe e estou aqui pra te ajudar a dar um grande passo no mundo da bola estou com um projeto que te ajuda a melhorar fisicamente e mentalmente pra passar em peneiras de clubes se ficar intereçado deixa teu Whatsapp que te adcionarei em meu grupo.

  2. I'm a teenager with poor mental health I break down everyday, stressed, depressed, for no reason and I feel like I'm crazy and hate myself because I feel like there is people going through worst things than me. I want to call for help but I feel like they just tell me I want attention. What should I do?

  3. Being male can be so tough in modern society/times. Opening up to talk is easy for lots but finding someone to genuinely listen is incredibly rare. Forget the PC brigade, bullies and the man hating feminists that spew disgust
    & hate filled spite at us. Be strong. Be yourself. Be you.

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