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  1. I don't agree with you, coz I had a very bad experience when I fell sick one month treatment, and I not only lost my salary but also no claim from ESI, despite of submitting all required doc to the head office

  2. Getting frequent calls from Health insurance company, they claimed over call that the cost of treatment has doubled after COVID. They told me to double the insured amount with a minimal fees. When I countered by saying which data says the cost of treatment has doubled, they usually hung up the call. Kya bewakoof bana rahe hai janta ko…

  3. ESI hospital are waste. I have taken my mom to hospital for 4 month's and all they were doing is giving painkiller and vitamins, calcium supplements. Still the pain from leg recovered after loss of effect from pain killers

  4. Sir aapne bola ki bahut se log ESI ka fayda nahi utha paate……..Iska sabse bada reason bhi hai ki majority of ESI hospitals ki haalat bahut khrab h mera khud ka experience bahut bura h aur main khud dobara kabhi ESI me nahi jaunga.

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