How Do Japanese Beauty Standards Affect You?

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  1. Every nation has beauty standards, we can go somewhere and be so pretty than to another place and be a beastly creature. Some African nations think skinny women are extremely poor, they prefer chubby women. In Latino communities in the US they go for tall, dark and handsome men. Every one has their own cup of tea. Every culture has beauty and beasts.

  2. Hi Takashi, first time I see your channel and find the topic very interesting; however there's a topic a Spaniard girl on some other channel tried to talk about but she couldn't get much information, maybe you can? She told that under her experience, many girls over there practice what we call bul1m1a or an0rex1a, but it's like over there is considered normal to certain point. Would be interesting if someone explain such topic from japanese perspective, thank you in advance!

  3. This is so interesting, in a psychological level that's fascinating to see how an human being from a different background can evolve in the society where they are not born and raise, especially in a place with such a drastic dynamic. I never been to Japan but Im curious on how they can have so much polite manners circulating around and as a same time such a repression of freedom. I appreciate to see all this ladies don't denying who they are, staying brave and positive while in flow with their environment. And thumbs up to you, I like how candid you approach your video, it make such a beautiful honest exchange, thank you.

  4. the girl from hawaii has got to have had a hard time dealing with the modesty in the heat because in hawaii everyone can just walk around in bikini's and no one bats an eye for the most part. also japanese is taught in most schools as the second language course instead of spanish like on the mainland.

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