#BREAKINGNEWS: Covid-19 Patients Flung Out Hospital Windows As Public Emergency Ends


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  1. Best part about the pandemic being over is being able to fly again. Sure it wasn't on a plane, and the destination was through the front window of a parked car after being thrown out a second story window, but come on! Baby steps!

  2. Thank god the coronavirus is over. Not only was I getting sick of the disease ravaging my body, but thanks to the pandemic being over, I was finally able to go to the hospital to get my broken limbs checked out after being flung out that same hospital's second story window!

  3. Omg the onion is alive!

    Fuck, the writing isn't great..

    The whole "fuck off and come back only when you have a real disease"

    Why?!? This isn't SNL.. keep the gag semi realistic; you made it obvious for 6 year Olds to realize it's just a joke.

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