Bite Beauty Is Closing & I’m So Sad!

RIP Bite Beauty! ~ S U B S C R I B E ~ ——— PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Burt’s Bees Luminizer: https://shop-links.co/chfs0ihB2MZ …


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  1. It’s seems like everyone is closing, especially the OG internet brands like Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, Makeup Geek, etc.

    Has anyone heard that Melt Cosmetics is closing too? I could’ve sworn I heard that, but this video has made me think I confused Melt & Bite Beauty. I’ve searched on YouTube & online & can’t find anything about Melt announcing they’re closing. Until I figure out if they’re both closing or if I just confused the two brands & Melt isn’t closing it’s going to drive me crazy.

  2. I went cruelty free recently, but I never tried bite beauty before because I don’t really shop at Sephora when I can get drugstore makeup for cheaper. I heard bite was going out of business though, so I stopped in Sephora to buy two lip products before they were gone to try them out. I got one of their normal lipsticks and a lip crayon in a bright red so I don’t think I’ll be using that up anytime soon. Their foundation looked tempting but I didn’t buy one since I wanted to get one from Pacifica instead

  3. Hey,which hair color do you use?I'm a big simp for your hair it is so pretty and I really wanted to dye it in the same color you have,because Im just stunned everytime I see this color on you(could also be your beauty but your hair also plays in this haha).
    Would be great if you do a video on your haircare routine in the future 🙂

  4. Wow, so surprising! Are you able to figure out what's going on with bareMinerals? They've been really quiet lately and the retailers I've gone into have shoved them in the back, even in another country, not just the US.

  5. Not sad that a company that had an active labor case where workers were retaliated on for unionizing, where safety practices were not followed, just to name a few offenses, close down. Come on guys, our money has power. There's no ethical consumption under capitalism but that doesn't just mean we purchase whatever!

  6. I think if you're actually vegan, it's great to have so many options for cosmetics. But I'm not vegan and I think it's a little bit ridiculous to cater to a relatively tiny segment of the population because of misinterpretation of market research. I think brands do all this market research about vegan options but fail to clearly interpret the data. Sure, people might answer on a survey that they want "vegan, cruelty free cosmetics" but on the very next question will answer that they rarely, if ever actually wear makeup. So, sure, maybe people want the option, but why would a company produce so many products for people who generally won't or don't even buy them?

  7. They went vegan and changed their agave lip mask. The vegan one sucked cuz it didn’t have lanolin in it anymore and that’s the only thing I can use in my dry lips that actually works. I was so disgusted they changed their formula I never bought from them again!!!

  8. I think Bite had great, very good-looking and smoothly operative packaging; so in that way, I feel they approached luxury experience without the luxury price tag. While literally every Milk product I've tried has packaging that cracks within a couple of months, but my Bite stuff is solid, though and through. I'll add, I think they made a mistake dropping the Multi-stick.

  9. I really liked Bite Beauty. Like you I didn’t mind the change to the lip mask.

    I LOVED the Power Matte Lip Crayons were my favorite (buying some now from the site).

    I too think the owners just didn’t care about the brand any more. They had a strong concept and a following, but they took away some of the best products. I have never been to the Lip Labs, I will check it out.

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