Beauty Standards: How Do They Affect People of Color?

Unrealistic beauty standards play a role in dating, self-esteem, and for the lives of People of Color. We talked to a group of POC to …


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  1. This comment section is the exact reason WS continued today. Ignore these WSs, and reject ALL forms of their brainwashing. Accept yourself as a beautiful being. Throw away the wigs and their WS makeup and magazines. Ignore them and take care of your skin and hair.

  2. No color at all. No blue eyes, no red hair. No blonde hair. No green eyes. Only brown.. Brown… Brown…brown… Brown…. Brown… Black… Black…. Black…. Black…. And another blackness….

    Call yourself people of less color

  3. we have all those hair and eyes and white skin colour shades .. in the family and we're so white passing , but we're not white … even some Europeans are being racist to one another for these reasons

    White = blond/red hear + blue/light colour eyes with white pale skin (Northern European looking)To a lot of people , this is white .. not half of Italians , Greeks and South Europeans and the majority of Balkans .. Dua lipa and the Kardashisns for example , they are from Europe but they are not white to a lot of people because they're not blomd .. Germsnic and Scandinavian look

  4. some of these comments… being in a white dominate country and being affected by colonisation,along with the Eurocentric beauty standards can really hurt how poc see themselves. It just a video of people sharing their experiences with those struggles, it feels good to here others talk about how some of us feel on the daily.

  5. The truth is that black people are the blueprint for beauty. Whyte ppl objectify other ethnicitie's beautiful traits. Its a kind of a beauty appropriation. White ppl have colonised everything, hijacked and stolen everything from other ethnicities. Its crazy. Its a weird weird world. White ppl arent that pretty really…

  6. You know for people of colour I see a lot of same skin tones, eye and hair colour in them. Unlike us Europeans who have blue, green, hazel, gray, brown eyes, red, blonde, brown, black, brunette hair and to a degree different shades in our skin.

  7. Shy are these people complaining about not being the beauty standard in white countries? Also, clearly these people want to date white people themselves or there wouldn't be a difference. I don't see whites complaining in Asia or Africa if they are not the standard. Some people here are attractive, but their moaning is unattractive.

  8. I hope, the white beauty standard will remain im Europe and North America, as they are continents predominantly inhabited by white people. As a white man, I can't and won't expect to be seen as good looking in Africa or Asia. Because they have their own beauty standards and I find it good the way it is. I don't want the same beauty standard all around the world, because that would kill the variety of humankind and all people would look the same.
    If you don't fit the beauty standard in the western world, you have three reasonable options and one complete stupjd one.
    Reasonable options:
    1. You change your looks.
    2. You accept, that you look different and try to live with it and try to make the best out of it by being confident and shine with your personality and everything wich makes you unique. For example your looks, wich many people, even here in the western world see as beautiful, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    3. You go into a country, where you are seen as beautiful by the beauty standard.
    Stupid option:
    4. You complain about the evil white patriarchy and why they don't see you as beautiful, blame racism and sexism for it and try to change the minds of hundreds of millions of people.
    I would suggest to go after the second option. But instead you go after the 4th one.

  9. A lot of people appreciate the white standard of beauty. It is what it is. You can't force people to NOT appreciate white beauty. If you have a personal problem with people appreciating white beauty, or it affects you personally, I'd suggest talking to a psychiatrist and telling them all about it. What, exactly, can white people do about if the majority of the world thinks their features/coloring, etc, are beautiful? Cease to exist?

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