Abortion Pills DESTROY fertility?! #myths #health #pregnancy

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  1. After 3 intentional pregnancies ending in miscarriages I made the decisions to have an abortion after accidentally falling pregnant for number 4, I didn't want to have to go through another 8 to 12 weeks of pain knowing it was going to be another miscarriage. And knowing we wanted to stop because of the last 3 times. It's been 3 months since and I'm thankful I made that decision. It's given me time to heal and no longer dread the thought of pregnancy. Everyone deserves that level of control and power when it comes to their own body. We shouldn't be prisoners to suffering for the sake of proving to others that we're doing what they think we deserve.

  2. My mother in law had to have an abortion with her first pregnancy because there was some issue with the different blood types and immune systems attacking each other.

    But this made the next two children she had possible because then the doctors knew what to look out for and made sure she had the right treatment for that during those pregnancies.

  3. I had a medication abortion in 2014 because my body wouldn't recognise that my baby stopped growing nearly a month before. Did the medication impact my fertility? No! Not at all, I was pregnant again within 6 weeks.
    However the infection I developed because my body failed to self-terminate the pregnancy did result in an ectopic pregnancy in 2020. And the genetic issue that caused the first miscarriage resulted in a second missed miscarriage in 2020 as well. I also took abortive medications for both my 2020 losses and welcomed my third child in 2021.

  4. Could you do a longer video on the new over the counter birth control the FDA will (most likely) soon be approving? Why is it ‘safer’ enough to not need a prescription. Is it equally effective? If this just going to start a red/blue state fight over whether minors can purchase it? Is it already available in other countries to some success?

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