5 Gut Health Tips

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  1. Please, please to everyone that reads this comment, I’m not attacking or am I trying to show my intelligence. I simple would like to correct her pronunciation of “Kefir”. I know it’s easy to assume that it’s pronounced keh-fir, however, it’s a European drink most common in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Belarus etc and therefore it’s pronounced keh-feer. Do keep in mind, I’m just suggesting and not enforcing. It’s up to you all whether you want to pronounce it correctly or not.

  2. Best thing for gut health is a diversity of plants and fermented foods. You should be eating 30 different plant foods weekly. Thats only five different plants a day 7 days a week. Nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes. Remember low and slow. If you're not use to eating a diversity of plants and consuming high amounts of prebiotics (healthy fiber) you will need to slowly add the diversity of plants. Prebiotics+probiotic= postbiotics (metabolites). We need to protect our gut health.

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