World Space Health Bars That Follow Units | Unity Tutorial

Learn how to make Health Bars that stay above the heads of units in World Space! A common need in games is to show Health …


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  1. Which part of the script makes a health bar follow its respective unit? Since the UI object is being parented to the canvas I imagined you'd need an update method somewhere in the unit or health bar, to keep them both on track.

  2. Health bar, quest mark on the head of the NPC, etc

    I wonder which method is best for these general requirements.

    This will also be possible with a single screen space overlay canvas.


    Health bar prefab may be owned by all objects as world space canvas.

    (with multiple world space canvas)

    Is there any special reason to use the method introduced in this YouTube video?

    Which method is the most common?

  3. Just wanted to say i really love your content.
    In the project i'm currently working on i also have similar health bars that are implemented differently, but have the same problem i see here:
    sometimes the bars from agents that are further away from the camera get drawn on top of others that are closer.
    This obviously is caused by the child order of the canvas, that ofc does not correlate to the camera distance.
    I haven't found a solution to this yet…

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