Why Beautiful Things Make us Happy – Beauty Explained

It’s hard to define what makes something beautiful, but we seem to know beauty when we see it. Why is that and how does beauty …


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  1. I recommend The evolution of beauty by Richard Prum. There you can have a point of view about why beauty is not only a human fascination, but many animals also use the subjectivity of beauty for reproduction. This video is more about the “how” rather than the “why”

  2. I wonder if it goes deeper than us evolving to identify symmetry/patterns as an adaptation, if it has to do with symmetry/patterns being a part of how brains formed to begin with. Like- what if things like symmetry and fractals are a part of how neurons develop, a part of how our recognition systems develop, etc. So it’s less “we needed to identify these things because it helped us find what was healthy” and more “like many other things in nature our cognitive processes have these patterns built into them”

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