Walk in Beauty… The Purpose of Life | Navajo Teachings

Navajo Historian, Wally Brown, teaches about the philosophy of Walk in Beauty. According to the traditional beliefs of our Diné…


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  1. Confidence isn't self esteem, it's mutual trust. Mutual trust is likely a condition sufficient for good self esteem, as is mutual delusion.. The purpose of life isn't joy and happiness, albeit these conditions suffice for purpose, as do suffering and despair.

  2. Thank you for sharing your messages with us. I hope your "Walk in Beauty" message opens the minds and hearts of those who are guided to this teaching. From my perspective, I understand it as walking the path of ascension where life is a continuous growing and learning experience. Ascending through growth and lessons learned, toward becoming the best we can be in body, heart, mind and spirit, seeing ourselves in everyone and everyone in ourselves and living our lives as a good example for others.

  3. Why would we walk in beauty when beauty is subjective to the witness? Wouldn’t we want to walk in truth, whether it be ill or beautiful? To walk with the way things are rather than what you would want them to be? Maybe I’m just looking at the word “beauty” in a different way but if you could answer this that would be great!

  4. I have had my confidence stripped away from me by illness. It stripped it away from my mind, my body, and my spirit. It took a lot of effort to get it back, and having it back feels like riding a a bucking bull at times since it can be over confidence at times, but the motivation it gives does make dealing with the illness a lot easier to manage.

  5. When my dad passed away at age 86, my brothers and I were heartbroken. Dad was so mild mannered, and didn't always say a lot, but I realized we always knew he loved us and approved of us. Having his approval (not always of our actions, but our selves) gave us confidence, and a sense of peace and joy.

  6. The best way I have found to get self esteem is when I esteem others. Praise my Maker above all else and love others as I would love myself. ❤️ Joy and peace I have found in Jesus. I greatly enjoy your videos. Thank you.

  7. KINDNESS 3/12/23

    Let’s not leave it behind us,
    A simple smile could last a day
    or for awhile it could stay.
    We know not what each person’s story may be,
    So let’s always be mindful to thoughtfulness so they will see,
    Together we gather to share
    Together we gather to care
    Together we gather to heal
    With all of our stories we trust to reveal
    Listening to one another is the truest act of loving  humanity,
    And with an added smile we can bask in our new found sanity.”
    Kimi Minor

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