Unrealistic beauty standards: let’s talk about it, dolls. (LINK IN COMMENTS)


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  1. They are the biggest contributor to unrealistic beauty standards, they made them selves into some thing else entirely through very expensive surgeries the average percent can’t get

  2. One thing I never understood about the Kardashian beauty standard thing is that people always want to hold the Kardashians liable for the girls getting plastic surgery and having unrealistic standards of beauty but they never acknowledge the other people who had a role. Kim k didn't start the bbl trend nicki Minaj did. People would literally say, "I'm bout to get that nicki boots," right before bbl online all the time. If you lool at old pics of nicki you see she started getting work done somewhere around 2013 and 2014. Do you think nicki has gotten called out for the unrealistic standards she sets. People thought Beyonce had popped right back after birth, but she had work done that was an unrealistic standard. I dont hate any of these women, i think the have all made a great name for themselves. However, i think it is biased, and chosen anger. I think all it shows is that it's ok if you set unrealistic beauty standards as long as you aren't related to the Kardashians.

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