Tracking Health + Wellness in Notion

This week I’m sharing my Health + Wellness dashboard where I track things like workouts, energy, Oura ring data, supplements, …


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  1. I would love to see your ‘today’ dashboard! I think you mentioned it briefly in your journalling video too. Thanks so much for sharing, you’ve given me some great inspiration to add to my current journalling database that was quite simple.

  2. Hi Marie, learning lots here! How do you add the date of the activity automatically in the activity DB when you’re in the journal entry/DB? I don’t automatically have a workout entry created in the activity DB created everyday because I don’t work out everyday .

  3. LOVE!!! I know it definitely doesn't make sense to share the templates but can you share the names of your databases? I want to get mine setup and keep things separate (if needed). I wrote down you have these ones:

    1) Journal DB
    2) Activity DB
    3) Goals DB
    4) Supplements DB

    I think I saw in another video you have "Practices DB"?

    How do you decide when things should be in a separate DB vs. all together in one?

    THANK YOU!!!

  4. New to Notion and new to your videos – trying to see how you did the sweet little energy icons next to the words. I can see in main bar how to get that selected at the top but the only other customization I can see is colour change for options? Have you done another video on how to create this styling? Or if I'm blind and it's right in front of me? lol

  5. Thank you so much Marie, again a brilliant video with lots of great inspiration! Can't wait for the "energy tracking and recommended tasks" video <3 Your content is just phenomenal!

  6. Marie, you were always beautiful but you look so well than anytime! I can see that you focus has shifted to your health and wellness 🙂 Wish I can also go towards that direction. At the moment, I'm buried into work ..

  7. Excellent video. Newbie to Notion so might be a stupid question. Can you refence a "cell" within the text on a page. For example, and a poor one at that, but have a sentence within a page that says, "On New Years Eve my sleep was (refence cell that contains sleep score for 31st December)"

    In my system I would like to be able to monitor appointment dates in a table and then have a page which can list them in the body of text. Hope that makes sense

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