This dietitian’s #1 tip for healthy eating #shorts


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  1. It’s easy to overcomplicate what a healthy diet can look like when we’re constantly being told to eliminate almost every food that we enjoy. Instead of focusing on what to restrict, let’s focus on what we can add.

    My #1 goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle by helping people make sustainable and realistic changes that are rooted in balance and satisfaction. Contrary to popular belief, dietitians don’t eat a “perfect” diet free of processed foods, non-organic foods, and non-GMO foods – nor do we need to. The goal isn’t to perfect the diet by eliminating all “unhealthy foods”, but to make a healthy lifestyle (a lifestyle that makes you feel happy, energized, and nourished) work for you!

    Stop subtracting and start adding ❤️

  2. I watched this last summer and this January I had a referral to talk to a dietitian because my A1C went up again and put me in the prediabetes range, and when I told her I struggle to keep my carbs down she told me to make sure I never ate carbs by themselves, always add protein and fiber sources. So I remembered your video and it clicked, and despite not being able to keep my carbs intake down, I still brought my A1C down .2 in 3 months and my dietitian was very happy that I was able to focus on the adding to my meals to balance it out.

  3. But my problem has always been that I start ok then through the day a switch flips and I either want to eat nothing or I want to find every snack I can get my hands on and eat all of it.

  4. I dont eat a lot because i feel depressed but i always have dinner everyday that is often a meat dinner eith some veg and carbs. Watching your video inspires me to want to try and be healthier and eat 3 meals a day instead of just one or 2. Hopefully I can do it.

  5. I appreciate this meal is healthier as it contains more nutrients, but as someone who is looking to lower their body fat percentage as well as eat healthier, this seems counter intuitive as the meal at the end has a higher calorie count than the first one. This would make it a worse option for losing fat/weight? How would you add things to you diet and still achieve this goal of losing fat/weight?

  6. This is such good advice because restrictive diets cause people to fail a lot and if done wrong can be damaging in the long run. Your way made sure the body gets all the nutrients it needs. Sending love!❤

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