Plastic Surgery: The Cost of Beauty | 101 East

Seoul, South Korea’s capital, is at the heart of a growing obsession to look perfect. In the Apgujeong district of Seoul, the streets …


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  1. Pathetic. This is why i never have interest in asians that undergo the knife. You can easily tell if they had surgery or not because they all look the same. No matter how they change their looks, they are still the same insecure, damaged person in the inside. Can't stand seeing these men and women trying to look perfect. It's horrific

  2. When u shave your jawbone or cheek you might not be able to have a tooth implant when you need one due to lack of bone density!!!!
    So the knock on effects are crazy and I’m not even a medical doctor.
    Please research carefully before having anything done.
    Lots of scientific journals out there.

  3. The Mephisto on the practice of Medicine:

    "Above all, learn to handle women;
    their myriads of aches and pains,
    that never never cease,
    can all be cured if you know the right spot–
    and if your behavior is halfway discreet
    they all will be at your beck and call.
    A title's needed first, to reassure them
    that you have greater skill than other men,
    and right away you're welcome to investigate
    what someone else needs years to reconnoiter;
    you will know how to take a dainty pulse
    and, with a cautious ardent glance,
    to put your arms about her slender hips
    and see how tightly see is laced."

    From Goethe's Faust.

  4. It's a shame you have to make yourself something you are not to even get jobs
    What is worse, years from now when these women age, their plastic surgery will show and they will look much worse in their later years than someone who never had surgery. It baffles me when I see these beautiful k-pop idols who are coerced to going under the knife and they actually look more beautiful naturally than after surgery. For idols, it just makes them all look the same. Perhaps the Korean norm for 'beautiful' but for everyone else, lacking the natural physical uniqueness each of these young ladies had, which in my view made them more beautiful.

  5. @17:00 this girl has some psychiatrical issues more than anything else!
    She says her eyes are uneven and she feels ugly blablalb
    whereas she has a very pretty face and her eyes are perfectly aligned!
    Gosh people! A blind person would give you their life's savings to see again and have your eyes!

  6. To the girl that she think her eyes are not similar , I wanna say that your face to me and 99/99% of people is completely normal and also really really beautiful don't judge yourself. The doctor had probably messed up whith some nerves that you can't close your eyes completely but your face beauty is more than normal. Just keep going through what happened. You are beautiful to anyone's standard.

  7. And people talking about the "beauty" of koreans, only because they see the top 1% on TV,sorry but koreans are average, like many people in others countries, you only see the beautiful women/men on TV because they look above average everywhere, Is like seeing Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and start to think every men or women in America look like them,lol so wrong

  8. The lady who got surgery was so pretty and looks like a mix of Sana and Chaeryoung. Her larger cheekbones emphasised her beauty. So sad these people are literally naively jumping into these surgeries with very little thought thinking it will fix all their issues like magic turn them into a prettier person like society's standards. When come on the people they are comparing themselves to like Idols and Actors were probably made to look that way by their company and surgeons. Who handcrafted the best possible look for them by the best beauty specialists. Another thing is these changes cannot be reversed that's why I think you should definetly do more research before surgery and realise there are risks and not everything will come out perfect and the way you imagined. Sad also how people are literally chopping up their god given unique features thinking it will help them miraculously fit into the world and be accepted when true happiness and confidence comes from the inside, self validation instead of the validation of others.

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