Physical and Mental Health

A clear distinction is often made between “mind” and “body” – but mental health and physical health should not be thought of as …


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  1. □ Health CheckList Pyschical And Spiritual Wellbeing
    □Spiritual Healing Cleansing
    □Drink 1 Litre+ Daily minimum
    □ Get Enough Salt Intake 500grams
    □Get 5-10 minutes of sun daily or weekly for Vitamin-D
    □ get enough sugar, magnesium,iron daily requirements?
    ✅ replace words with icon emojis in some》 sentences if thats helpful? As long as i don't die from this? Or go into a coma? Maybe comments in dec 2022 or early 2023 maybe if no unexpectations? Print tick them off as you go if you want?
    □soundproof booth essential from zombies and noise control?
    □ AED Defib essentials
    □ 3d printer scanner for 3d toys figures as yourself if people die pass 3d toys as yourself is and idea with kind regards?

  2. Having a health or mental health issue that you refuse to get taken care of but that you subject others around you especially those whom have to live with you to the negative disturbances and effects of daily is also passive-aggressive behavior that need to be stopped.

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