Pain When You Pee? NOT Always a UTI! #health #uti #shorts

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  1. Idk if this is helpful for anyone out there with painful urination is not always burning. If you have constipation it can cause your urethra to be sealed shut so if you try to pee it will hurt. Just from experience

  2. I made the mistake of using what I thought was a perfume free wash down there (outside only obviously) in the shower and I was crying on the loo for about a week. I stopped using it and saw an improvement.

  3. For me burning while peeing as majority of the time meant Yeast Infection. Occasionally it was UTI. More often then not the UTI gave me very frequent going to the bathroom feeling like I'm bursting but only a tiny trickle of pee coming out and feeling zero relief. Also pain in my side too.

  4. In my case I don't have a specific term diagnosis, but fall under the umbrella of bladder dysfunction and that dysfunction causes me agony. So I'm on a trial for an implant to help mitigate those symptoms. I got checked for UTI at least 20 times over the 2 years it took to get this far LOL

  5. As someone with interstitial cystitis, the assumption is that everything is a UTI is annoying. Took them 8 months to figure it out despite multiple UTI tests being negative. Thankfully, the urology doctor figured my case out quickly since it was a classic presentation.

    If antibiotics don't help and it's not one of the things MDJ says in the video, I'd at least discuss the possibility with your doctor just in case.

  6. What about inability to hold my pee longer than 30 mins? Pissing the bed? I've been to the Dr multiple times and they kept giving me antibiotics even tho uti is also negative. Also, there is never pain when urinating.

  7. It burns a little annoyingly but then it just gets better after a few more times. Been getting it; b since the beginning. So when I feel, I know what's coming. Even though I take pills, it lags a few days 2-4 or so when I'm on the 4th week. And since it lags, it ruins up to 3 days into my next.

  8. I get what I call “my weird UTI thing.” It’s NOT a UTI – it’s most likely my stomach/intestines sitting on my bladder bc nothing in my body stays in its assigned seat. It’s usually about 30 minutes of that burning urgency and little trickles, accompanied about half the time by a BM, and then it just…goes away. Sometimes I can tell it’s about to happen and avoid going to the bathroom until the urge to pee feels more “normal” but sometimes it can’t be helped. It’s super uncomfortable but I’ve brought it up to my gynecologist and my gastroenterologist and they agree it’s likely just other organs pressing on my bladder sometimes. It SUCKS.

  9. Too many garbage doctors in this country… I thought I had a uti. Had a male dr btw. Did a uti test and it came back negative… doctor just said, welp you're fine it's not a uti. I ended up having to go to another doctor…. I hate this country and I hate these crappy doctors. (I don't believe ALL doctors are bad.. but I do think a majority of them don't know what they are doing and I always seem to get those crappy doctors)

  10. Yeah! One time when I was a kid I tried to get off a swing by jumping off it while it was still moving. I ended up landing in an almost split position and it hurt to pee for a few days. It went away tho and all was fine.

  11. can sometimes also be what you're eating, if you've had an injury, allergy, any reason that could inflame the tissues. for me, cotton and toilet paper allergy, drinking acidic drinks and dehydration will cause it. and sometimes my body does it just to be mean to me

  12. Also like to add: pelvic floor trauma that causes guarded muscles strangling your urethra. I had emergency surgery due to an internal cyst between the vagina and rectum. After 2x surgeries and a hospital acquired UTI of serratia marcescens, i kept having the pain even after the infection cleared up – only after weekly visits over 4 months (now biweekly) of internal physical therapy for my pelvic floor relieved the pain, which was initially so bad I was in tears without AZO. My levator ani on the left side was severely messed up.

  13. Can also be kidney stones, bladder stones, cysts, injury to the urinary tract (more common in people with penises for obvious reasons, but possible for folks with internal genitalia too), or chemical sensitivity. There’s all sorts of reasons.

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