Mental Health in Extreme Sports – We Need To Talk

DIRTY HABITS Presents “We Need To Talk” a heartfelt documentary about Mental Health in Extreme Sports and action sports …


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  1. I'm absolutley not a pro!
    but I have been there: having crashes, questioning my life, questioning the things I do, not beeing motivated to go to work, withdrawing from family & friends, trying to forget my thoughts & not facing my feelings, …
    what I learned from the past is to face what I feel, face my fears & thoughts. life is a bitch and on the other hand it can be soo amazing. I'm trying to not get stuck in the bad moments , just moving on because time will not stop – after every down comes an up, life is a journey and no easy one!
    thanks for the video, feels good hearing people talking freely about this!

  2. 27:30 What a great speech. I'm 29 and suddenly got my life taken away from me.
    Going to open heart surgery tomorrow, there's a 20% chance they have to put a pacemaker on me. I just suddenly got sepsis that destroyed my heart valve..
    I lost my dog, lost my apartment so I'm currently homeless, my grandpa died, all of this bad luck shit happened within this year's April. One month.

    I'm so scared i can't do sports anymore or go to the gym or rollercoasters and all that..
    And yeah, I'm 29. All of this just suddenly happened without warning. If i happen to die on the operating table tomorrow, all i wanna say is to just live and enjoy the small things. Don't grab and hold on to all the negative stuff, even though it's super easy.

    What a great documentary, that final speech made me cry.

  3. Why does every action activity have to be classified as an "extreme sport"? It is possible to dabble in the middle of the road on most of these pastimes, be it mountain biking, paragliding, kite boarding, whatever… I've never felt like the guy that wing suits 2 feet from the cliff face, derives linearly greater joy, given the exponential erosion of saftey, than the guy that stays a safer 20' off does. Maybe this will sound like an embrace of mediocrity but, my older "adrenaline junkie" buddies have almost all learned that they get just as much pleasure getting out there, as they used to when we were younger "pushing the edges" of envelopes. I think the greater problem here is not related to sports at all, but rather to limitation of the human psyche, which in itself has extreme cliff edges. To the younger athletes in this production I have to ask…"What will you derive pleasure from once your body say it can no longer do those cutting edge new tricks, 100' wave rides, low level base jumps or double black run?"

  4. "Stay away from girls and drugs". There is so much more to be rebuilt in a person who doesn"t know how to connect or who to connect with. My advise: stay close to good conections and women are great option too – choose right

  5. Tbh I love my extreme sport, BMX freestyle is what I look forward to everyday. Only thing that pisses me off is 720s and how occasionally I’ll just lose them and the only way to get it back is to stop trying it for a few days and then just get warmed up, drop on and huck it without thinking.

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