Inside Salvia’s Extreme Beauty Routine | Vogue

Originally inspired by Alexander McQueen fashion shows and Lady Gaga music videos, Salvia’s transformations have evolved …


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  1. i accidentally found out about her while strolling upon my name , at first i was kinda startled, but as more as i saw her art, the more i could see the expressionism , and being a artholic myself , i can strangely connect with her…

  2. До "бьюти" тут ещё идти и идти. Скорее уродство в кубе преподносимые как "гениальное искусство" но все конечно будут ахать: ах как гениально, ново и свежо. Хотя гадость и есть. Но думаю что скоро кроме этой дряни никакого искусства не будет. Особенно эстетично красные глаза и две сопли со лба. Просто эталоны красоты.

  3. It’s interesting how her style is very futuristic, but it also has a historical kind of quality in some ways – pale skin, high forehead and large eyes were all things medieval women used depilatories and cosmetics to achieve for example.

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