How Do Korean Beauty Standards Affect You?

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  1. In my opinion when you’re visiting korea for a vacation you shouldn’t care about what to wear and how to look to meet those high standards you should focus more on to gain memories from your vacation

  2. I come from the Philippines and like othe Asian countries our beauty standards are also conformity to what the media and the culture says, that having white skin is beautiful and if your not like me then you are ugly. I used to buy whitening soaps as is seen on tv ads, deodorants with bleached and hated what I see in the mirror etc. But all of it changed when I went to Europe because of work and started to appreciate who I am and the importance of individuality. There was a Performing Arts workshop in Sweden and I was the only colored person among like around 80 participants and there was this shower room for 20 people and at first I was conscious but as I saw how the other girls stare at me and observed how I do things , for the first time in my life I felt how pretty I am and started to enjoy and be thankful for being different. Now I live in Berlin , Germany where individuality and diversity is seen where you don't have to be like everybody, there's people with a suit and tie and another one in colorful pants or the Gothic individuals are accepted as the girls with green or dyed blue hair color.The beauty standards here is made by each individual differences.

  3. I’m a Korean woman grew up in Korea. I largely agree that beauty standards are very monotonic here, which may stem from the fact that it is a very homogeneous society without much ethnic diversity, which leads to easily following a single trend that is flattering for the majority of population.

    I’m far from *always looking nice*, most of the time I don’t wear make-ups (never been good at it lol). I get that many ppl seem to take extra good care of their physiques and this might seem daunting to foreigners living here. But perhaps ironically, I feel like we don’t pay much attention to others and ppl are mostly just absorbed in their own thing despite all the effort to possibly look presentable to others. So tbf, no need to feel pressured to always look nice and clean coz no one will really judge you if this is your concern (well it’s more like we don’t pay attention)

  4. Just a heads up… skinny bodies don't always mean they're unhealthy. Yes they CAN be unhealthy, but to hear that people think all thin framed people are unhealthy infuriates me… Body shamming isn't okay just like pressuring people to be a certain body type isn't okay.

  5. I think there is something weirder going on with the want for lighter skin. Super light skin is like that of a baby, a person that is not yet a person because they haven't lived a life and don't have any evidence of living to show on their body. This just one aspect of the colorist rhetoric but i feel it fits in to their beauty standards neatly because all the focus seems to be on looking young and innocent [ew], i think innocent is synonymous with inexperienced so it sounds about right.

    Obviously the occam's razor answer is racism. Plain and simple.

  6. Im korean, currently studying in Malaysia. Imo, Koreans definitely do care if some people dont dress or look like them but based on what my friend told me when he went to korea, he said they just keep it to themselves they would give u a bit of stares but they wont directly come and point out ur insecurities. Stay safe out there, if ur going to korea soon hope you enjoy ur trip and please dont let the beauty standard consume you everyones is gorgeous in their own way. ❤

  7. I do so much things looking like shit and really no one cares…while they spend their money and time on their looks…it just a choice and sometimes it depends what job you do or where do you live…cuz if most people look great all the time you would feel stupid just being casual

  8. You're "making music" in Korean, as a black girl…best come back to the states, you ain't gonna make it….or OF it is.

    Also alternative/tattoos, are the new basic. She said that like she's changing the game with one dimensional tatts.

  9. Kids forever, kids forever
    Baby soft skin turns into leather
    Don't be dramatic it's only some plastic
    No one will love you if you're unattractive

    Oh Mrs. Potato Head tell me
    Is it true that pain is beauty?
    Does a new face come with a warranty?
    Will a pretty face make it better?

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