Dove Real Beauty Sketches | You’re more beautiful than you think (6mins)

In one of the most famous Dove films, Real Beauty Sketches explores the gap between how others perceive us and how we …


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  1. I always come back to this ad because I can be really judgmental of myself! Anywhere I go I noticed in a weird way I impact people and even the grouchy one ends up with some type of smile on their face! As soon as I’m alone , I see me as fat and ugly person and not the smartest! Yet, I know I’m capable of learning something super fast and transform myself in to someone beautiful, charming and sweet. I feel like the devil whispers all this negative thoughts to keep us missing the beauty that others see in us!! Talk to yourself on the mirror and begin noticing God perfect creation and say no to the humans worst enemy… the father of lies… the devil…

  2. I watched this video for my nutrition class. But I loved this video and the message behind the video. This video made me emotional but loved the message. This is so true, and more people need to see the video. We are much harder on ourselves, especially on looks. Most people see us to be more beautiful than how we see ourselves. It was a real eye-opener for the women as they were able to see their beauty.

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