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  1. There are a new type of nose pads that an optometrist can give you or a vendor who sells high end glasses❣️ I have worn glasses for years and I feel what you’re saying…since I have had these replaced, I no longer find indentations on my nose or makeup on my glasses❣️ RUN TO GET THEM❣️❣️❣️

  2. pro hack for painting nails yourself is to rest the hand youre painting on a cylindrical (think pringles can lol) object. it helps mimic the way a nail artist will angle the hand so gravity helps polish flow to the tip of the nail better instead of pooling at the cuticle and sides

  3. 2. Now this may be a little tricky for some people but the only time this hack worked was when I used the Smashbox setting spray. So after setting, spray on your setting spray, let it semi-dry on the nose, and then with a sponge, firmly press on the bridge of your nose.
    3. Spray another layer of the Smashbox setting spray and let air dry.
    4. I'm not sure about this but I vaguely remember adding more powder before setting a second time to really lock things down, but it has to be a very minimum amount of powder.
    Please keep mind this is just all packing onto the bridge of the nose, you don't want that much product layering on the rest of your face, so be creative to limit the spray however you can just to the nose!

  4. I ran out of text, so here's what I remember doing, and keep in mind I live in the hot and humid Middle East, so it should work for most people.
    1. Make sure you extra powder the bridge of your nose where your glasses rest. I remember using the e.l.f. HD setting powder. Also, I kept the amount of liquid/cream powder in that area to a minimum.

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