Intuitions to manage our health?


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  1. You can't use your intuition like this. Imo it only works in a more natural environment. If I go into the supermarket and use my intuition I would often end up with cookies.

  2. If something tastes good it is not your intuition. If you have a gut feeling that your mother is going to call you and right away she calls you. That is intuition. Taste is just a normal perception like vision or smell. Intuition would be if you feel that some food is poisonous even if it tastes good and looks good.

  3. You used to be able to trust intuition but food companies have manipulated their innutritious foods to taste good with artificial sweeteners, sugar and other means so now we can’t trust our taste buds

  4. Once upon a time, in a world that resembled our own, two super villains vied for power and influence. Their rivalry was legendary, and their names were known far and wide: Bryan Johnson, the age-defying technologist, and Brian Johnson, the Liver King, a man on a mission to make the world primal once again.
    Bryan Johnson, the creator of Braintree Venmo, had an obsession with anti-aging and reversing his age. He believed that through the power of technology, he could make himself immortal. He had a strict regimen of taking over 95 pills a day and following a vegan diet, hoping to unlock the secrets of everlasting youth.
    On the other hand, Brian Johnson, better known as the Liver King, was the mastermind behind Ancestral Supplements. He aimed to return humanity to its primal roots and sought to expose the world to the power of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). Although he lied about his own use of PEDs, his larger-than-life presence and immense influence over his followers made him a force to be reckoned with.
    Their rivalry grew fiercer with each passing day. Bryan Johnson saw the Liver King's mission to revert humanity to its primal state as a threat to his own goal of achieving eternal youth. Conversely, the Liver King viewed Bryan's pursuit of reverse aging and veganism as an attack on the very essence of what it meant to be human.
    The two villains waged war against each other, causing chaos and destruction in their wake. Their power struggle reached a boiling point, and it seemed as if there would be no end to the chaos that had enveloped the world. But amidst the chaos, a hero emerged – a man by the name of Andrew Huberman.
    Andrew Huberman, a renowned neuroscientist and expert on human physiology, had a secret weapon in his arsenal that he believed could bring an end to the Johnsons' war. He approached both Bryan and the Liver King with a proposal, a solution that could potentially save the world from their destructive feud.
    He spoke of an ancient practice that involved staring at the sun for 30 minutes a day, claiming that it could bring balance to their lives and help them understand the interconnectedness of all living beings. Intrigued, both Bryan and the Liver King decided to give this practice a try, suspending their hostilities to see if there was any truth to Huberman's claims.
    Days turned into weeks, and as the two adversaries continued their sun-gazing routine, they began to notice subtle changes within themselves. Their rivalry seemed to fade into the background, replaced by a newfound sense of harmony and understanding. Bryan Johnson found his obsession with reverse aging and technology diminishing, while the Liver King began to question the extremity of his primal mission.
    Realizing the transformative power of Andrew Huberman's wisdom, Bryan and the Liver King finally put an end to their feud. They understood that true growth and progress could only be achieved by embracing the balance between technology and our primal nature.
    Together, Bryan Johnson and the Liver King worked to create a world where technology and ancestral wisdom could coexist in harmony, ushering in a new era of peace and prosperity. And as for Andrew Huberman, his teachings on sun-gazing spread far and wide, helping countless people find balance in their lives and become the heroes of their own stories.

  5. Well, it’s because our senses are meant for us to be in a natural environment. That’s where they’re meant to work not in a laboratory where you have potent extracts in abundance. What if you were actually living a natural life eating what tastes good in nature what is not be a bad rule of thumb to go by if you were living in a more natural environment with less unnatural things around to consume.

  6. What a disgusting lifestyle he leads.
    This man is a tool, no battles, no stories of Valor, no history's no children.
    He is extending his life to experience pleasure longer. He is the ULTIMATE CONSUMER.

  7. The most unnatural way to go about eating, living, and doing things, is that guy. The genetic codes in humans are already SET/DESIGNED/MANIPULATED to do what they were INTENDED to by the DESIGNERS. That guy will never get anywhere beyond the set genetic codes that a human can live past 120 years. It's all about the genes, written codes, and the internal format designs that limit the human form from living eternally though the inside host of the human does live eternally. The Designers know the game better then the players. Nail polish boy has no clue what he's messing with.

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